Does Your Child Read On His Own?

The internet would offer you a variety of suggestions about how you can encourage your child to read on his or her own. But have you tried asking your child what he or she wants to read? Some children love books while others don’t. In my opinion as a parent the reason is simple. ThoseContinue reading “Does Your Child Read On His Own?”

Can an infant enjoy a book?

Babies are naturally curious. Anything colourful catches their attention. This is possibly the best time to introduce board books, with one bright picture per page. Needless to say that these books are made in such a way that they can endure any kind of abuse they maybe subject to, in a baby’s hands. What thisContinue reading “Can an infant enjoy a book?”

The Secret Recipe To Make Your Toddler “Listen” To A Story.

It is a fairly well known fact that story books for very small children must have lots of pictures that are colourful and interesting. But is that sufficient?   From a child’s perspective, there is so much to explore while playing. Sitting still for a book is something that is worth considering, only if theContinue reading “The Secret Recipe To Make Your Toddler “Listen” To A Story.”