Does your child consider reading as an uphill task?

The golden rule to encouraging your child to read for pleasure is to lead by example. If the child sees the parent reaching out to a book or newspaper or a magazine to read as a means of unwinding or just for pleasure, children will follow.  Asha is a mother to a 9 year oldContinue reading “Does your child consider reading as an uphill task?”

Hearing A Million Words Before The Age of 5. Is that really necessary?

It is often said that reading to your toddler is essential and if you do, by the age of 5 your child would have heard a million words or maybe more. But why should your child hear so many words by age of 5? What will happen if he or she learns a thousand orContinue reading “Hearing A Million Words Before The Age of 5. Is that really necessary?”

Reading Can Help Your Child Accept Sadness, As Just Another Emotion

Do you squirm when a story you are reading to your child gets really sad? Are you worried how your child will react on knowing that his or her favourite character dies? By wishing that sad emotions just disappear does not make them go away but stay hidden deep inside, waiting to burst at aContinue reading “Reading Can Help Your Child Accept Sadness, As Just Another Emotion”

Advertising Reading As A Fun Activity

Good ads make us want to experience a new product or service. Encouraging children to read for pleasure is no different Photo by Daria Shevtsova on   It is 8 am in the morning. John is a year old. He chuckles when his mother brings out few really colourful board books. These are smallContinue reading “Advertising Reading As A Fun Activity”

New Story In Every Personalised Story Book

Every child is unique and deserves to feel special. We at MerryGoBooks strive to make every child feel like super star in a story written from the scratch, specially for them, keeping their specific interests in mind.  Why not standard stories to choose from? Standard stories lose the element of surprise before the book isContinue reading “New Story In Every Personalised Story Book”

Is your child old enough to read and yet insists that you read? Should you be worried?

Aarya is a ten year old who hates books but loves being read to! Ofcourse she can read on her own but does not want to. She still prefers being read to. Her mother takes the cue and reads to her along with her siblings who are 6 and 4, a bedtime story almost everyContinue reading “Is your child old enough to read and yet insists that you read? Should you be worried?”

Making Your Child Feel Like A Super Hero

Children’s Books go a long way in enabling your child to believe in oneself. Personalised Story Books makes it one step closer. Here is how… Two and half year old Adrian hated the idea of pre-school. His mother, Sophie thought it was separation anxiety and did a lot of things she could think of toContinue reading “Making Your Child Feel Like A Super Hero”

Is Reading, An Essential Skill?

Between the ages of four and nine, your child will have to master some 100 phonics rules, learn to recognize 3,000 words with just a glance, and develop a comfortable reading speed approaching 100 words a minute. He must learn to combine words on the page with a half-dozen squiggles called punctuation into something –Continue reading “Is Reading, An Essential Skill?”

Overcoming The “learning to read” Barrier

  “Avanthika loved books as a child,” says her mother. “Her face used to light up every time I pulled out her favourite set of books to read. We have read so many books over and over again. But things changed once she started school and the pressure to read on her own increased.” ThatContinue reading “Overcoming The “learning to read” Barrier”

Help Your Child To Believe In Oneself.

It feels good when someone says, “You have got this,” when we are facing a problem. Drawing inspiration from that, MerryGoBooks shows children as problem solvers in stories specially created for them.