Merry Go Books are personalised story books that strive to make every child immensely happy when they see themselves as the super stars, in a story book that is specially created for them. These books serve as a beautiful means to capture life’s most memorable moments as well as a good beginning to a life long journey of reading for pleasure.

A Unique Concept

The story book specially created for your child, can be customised at several levels. To name a few:

  • The child can be the hero along with any one one whom the child chooses to have in the story. It could be parents, grandparents, best friend(s), cousins…absolutely anyone whom the child adores.
  • A theme that fascinates the child. Different children have different interests. For reading to be enjoyable, the story book must appeal to the specific interests of every child. For example if a child enjoys adventure, she could appear in an adventure story, solving riddles as she goes along.
  • The story can be written in accordance to her reading level. This is achieved by adjusting the number of pictures, the amount of text, the complexity of the plot and so on.
  • The story can include objects that a child treasures. For instance in one of the books I created, the child wanted her toy bear to accompany her on any adventure she went on.

So far..

At Merry Go Books, several fictional stories have been weaved around memorable moments a child has shared with someone special. These stories then have taken the shape of beautiful story books, for the child to read and enjoy. Memorable trips have been recreated and transformed into story books, thus preserving the memory of those trips for eternity.

Be the sole owner of the book you order

Since the stories written in the personalised story books are customised on several levels, they are not available for sale to the general public. In order to safeguard the clients’ privacy, books done for clients are not shown on the website. If you would like to see what they thought of the personalised story books they received, please click on Testimonials.

About the author


Lakshmi Mitter is a children’s picture book author. Apart from personalised story books, she has written other picture books such as TED, The Fire Engine is Afraid of Fire!, TED, The Fire Engine Finds A New Friend! , Ronny The Bully, Triangle Fish Goes Missing!, Christmas Under The Sea and Eat, Play & Enjoy. Several of her short stories have appeared in children’s magazines and newspapers like Magic Pot, The Hindu Young World, Intelly Jelly and Deccan Herald. She is currently contributing a monthly column in Robin Age, on everyday economics and finance for children.

Her art/illustrations can be seen on


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