Wondering how to interest your child in reading? Try poetry

“Poetry? Isn’t that too literary?” You ask. Of course it is literary but unlike a typical story, it has got lesser text and hence is less daunting especially for a child who dislikes reading for a variety of reasons. What’s more, poems have rhyming words, making reading a lot easier. If your child knows how to read one word, then a couple of more words that sound a lot like that one, become easier to read. Rhythm in poetry enables your child to even have a tune if he or she likes and well why not, they can even sing a poem, if singing makes them feel happy. It is a wonderful way to learn reading.


Mrs. Poonam Sethi, a kindergarten teacher with 38 years of experience in the field, vouches for the role that poetry has played in her classroom. Year after year, children learn a lot of poems with her. They recite together, discuss it and even participate in activities based on the poems. Observing that children enjoy poems, Mrs. Poonam started to write her own poetry at times when she could not find something apt for her daily lesson plan. Over time, it all got together and became big enough to become a book.

The book has poems on ordinary, yet important concepts such as posting a letter, its journey onwards, the role of the police in protecting us and how they must be contacted only in times of emergency and so on. Supplemented with discussion points and theme based activities for play, this book serves as a comprehensive resource in the kindergarten classroom as well as at home.

What are customers say…


In collaboration with MerryGoBooks, her illustrated book of  “Fun With Poems” is now available for order. Bonus! You can have this beautifully illustrated book of poems with your child’s name on the cover! Get your copy here.


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