Personalised Children’s Storybooks

Looking for a unique and special gift for a child you deeply care for?

MerryGoBooks offers multiple personalised gift options:

Personalised Story Books

The perfect story book personalised at several levels, starting with a brand new story for every order! That’s right. We believe that every child has different and unique interests, which must be respected. We make it possible to create a story with special memories if you like or simply an entertaining read!

Personalised Illustrated Book of Poems

Fun With Poems is an illustrated book of poems written by Mrs.Poonam Sethi, a kindergarten teacher with 38 years of experience. Targeted towards kindergarten children, this beautiful book of poems makes learning many real life concepts such as post office, library, department stores, the role of the police etc. in a fun and rhythmic manner.

Personalised Art Books

These art books are made of good quality paper to enable your little ones to explore their creativity. Works wonders as return gifts for birthday parties.


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Your Child As the Hero of A Story Book




Every book made at Merry Go Books strives to make every child feel immensely happy seeing themselves in a story book, specially created for them. The concept provides room for anyone else the child chooses to have in the story. It could be parents, grandparents, best friends, cousins and so on.


A Beautiful Means To Preserve Life’s Most Memorable Moments




Since every story book is a new story created for your child, it is possible to include glimpses of memorable moments your child might have shared with anyone special.

First Step To A Life Long Journey of Reading For Pleasure




Reading about oneself as a hero in a story book makes the whole process of reading even more enjoyable. Keeping in mind that some children may not know how to read yet while others may have different reading levels according to age and interest, Merry Go Books makes it possible to fine tune the story accordingly.

What do our customers say about the books they received?


Nice little colourful books that will make you fall in love with them instantly. I had ordered multiple copies of books on different themes for my son’s 4th Birthday and it was a sight to catch; when he unwrapped the books and saw himself, his name and all his favourite people and characters come to life. He made me to narrate the stories to him multiple times in a row. The way Lakshmi weaves the stories and illustrates them with the pictures and sketches is simply brilliant. I must say, it has reinforced the reading and listening habits in my son.  A perfect gift for kids for any occasion or otherwise.

Thanks a lot Lakshmi, for creating a bit of magic in what you are doing. Count me as a permanent fan of yours….

Jayasmita Rath



I loved the concept and the book definitely shot above my expectations. My nephew loved hearing and seeing the pictures of ‘himself’. A lifetime  memory for both of us. Thank you Lakshmi!

Anisa Nidhin


Dear Lakshmi,

When I first heard of your idea of  personalised story books, I was very excited. I immediately thought of multiple sets of kids to whom I would love to gift such books. When I got the first set of books, I absolutely loved it! And so did my nieces! Having ordered 3 different sets of your books, I can see how thrilled the kids are to see an entire book written about them. The illustrations are wonderful. I love the way you have weaved in the kids’ interests into the story. The coloring activity at the end of the book is a nice touch. Thanks a lot for creating these beautiful customized books, which my nieces and I will cherish forever!


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Your child can be a hero in a unique adventure or a genius who solves a mystery or simply someone who enjoys a fantasy.

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